Our story

missio begins

Josh and Kasey Huseby moved their family to Bismarck in 2019 to partner with Century Baptist Church to explore what a church plant might look like. Josh had been in worship ministry for the past 13 years spending time in North Dakota and Oklahoma. More recently Josh felt called to shift into a new role, church planter. Century had always talked about planting a church to reach South Bismarck and the leadership decided they had waited long enough. Century was wanting to plant a church and Josh and Kasey were looking for a sending church. Through a church planter’s assessment Kasey and Josh met Pastor Paul from Century and began praying about how to best move forward. 
As plans started to emerge in early 2020, the global pandemic slowed down progress as Century and the Husebys had to make some adjustments to life and ministry. Six families met for a better part of the first year and began to set groundwork for what would be called Missio Church. "What if we didn't start a church the way most churches do with a worship service?" That was one of the questions they asked themselves, and the limitations of meeting with Covid made it an opportune time to find out. The first missional community was a great place to learn and practice what missional ministry was. That one Missional Community multiple into several groups and continued to reproduce "missional DNA" throughout Missio. 

In February of 2022, Missio Church was feeling the need for a worship gathering of the whole church, and so they started meeting in a rented space called "The Hub." Weekend services allowed a common vision and teaching to unify the Missio Family and later that year, a permanent home became available. Missio now meets in a building called "For the City,"  a warehouse on south 12th St that has been a great home for Missio and other ministries as well. With lots of room to grow, and a city full of people that don't yet know Jesus, the best is yet to come. They can't wait to see how God grows the church in the days ahead!


God’s word guides all we do and is the basis for not only what we believe, but how we live and do ministry.