Our story

meet the huseby family

Josh and Kasey Huseby moved their family to Bismarck in 2019 to partner with Century Baptist Church. Josh has been in worship ministry for the past 13 years in North Dakota and Oklahoma but more recently felt called to shift into a new role, church planter. Century had always talked about planting a church to reach South Bismarck and decided they had waited long enough. Century was wanting to plant a church and Josh and Kasey were looking for a sending church. Through a church planter’s assessment Kasey and Josh met Pastor Paul from Century and began praying about how to best move forward. 
As plans started to emerge in early 2020, the global pandemic slowed down progress as Century and the Husebys had to make some adjustments to life and ministry. Six families met for a better part of the first year and began to set groundwork for what would be called Missio Church. The first missional community was a great place to learn and practice what missional ministry looked like. Now the first missional community has multiplied into three groups with more to come. Missio is just getting started and looks forward to what God will do in the future! 


God’s word guides all we do and is the basis for not only what we believe, but how we live and do ministry.